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Printhub* is available in an 'off the shelf' configuration as well as a customized experience.

Client Controls:

Order Fulfillment Tool - reorder system for previous orders or manufactured products:

  • Can see a preview of item to be ordered
  • A personalized data section for items such as business cards, stationery, etc.
  • Order confirmation and online proof automatically e-mailed to Printer, Client Admin and End User. Additional recipients can be added.
  • Provide unlimited End Users access to your system
  • Customize shipping instructions
  • Print friendly order summary for all orders
  • View all orders and their current status
  • Purchase Order Number support
  • FTP option for data submission

Printer Controls :

  • Customized printhub* site with your logo/masthead, connected to your existing web site
  • Optional low cost customized web site and hosting
  • Control over Client Administrative Users and passwords
  • Control of all product information entered into the Order Fulfillment Tool including an optional viewable screenshot for each item.
  • Custom Bill To and Ship To addresses assigned to each Client User.
  • Purchase Order Number support
  • Unique order numbers
  • Order confirmation and online proof automatically e-mailed to Printer, client admin and user. Additional
    recipients can be added.
  • View all orders and their current status


Online Document Proofing & Direct to Print Technology

Online Order Invoicing

Online eCommerce Invoice Payments

Online Inventory Controls

Online Packaging and Shipping Tools including UPS WorldShip Integration

Online Job Tracking

QuickBooks Invoice Export

Proposal Management  

Our Advanced packages are created as 'modules' which latch onto the core order management system. Each module can be attuned to your business needs and particular requirements. Existing modules are already available for installation and custom implementations can be created to meet your needs.

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